1. natgeofound:

    Bikes park near an arched stone bridge above bathers enjoying the water on Arran Island, Scotland, July 1965.Photograph by Robert Sisson, National Geographic


  2. 1950sunlimited:

    Young man getting ready for a date, 1953

     Colby, Kansas 



  3. birdsong217:

    Leonard FreedThird Avenue “El.”, New York City, 1956. 


  4. fewthistle:

    Women dancing at 800th anniversary of the founding of Moscow. 1947.

    Photographer: Robert Capa


  5. tytusjaneta:

    Berenice Abbott   (1898 – 1991)


  6. mpdrolet:

    Theresa And The Tattooed Man, Plate 51, 1983 from  At Twelve



  8. swamped:

    Elinor Carucci
    Granparents’ Kiss, 1998


  9. mpdrolet:

    Untitled, c.1951-1956


  10. greeneyes55:

    Fisherman sleeping Vigo Spain 1969 

    Photo: Ferdinando Scianna 


  11. phasesphrasesphotos:

    Stan Steinberg



  12. luzfosca:

    Mario De Biasi

    Skaters, 1953.

    From La vitesse du déplacement ne compte plus


  13. greeneyes55:

    Paris 1937

    Photo: Herbert List 



  15. burnedshoes:


    Michael Wolf is worldwide known for his work about Life in Cities and some of the most significant series have already been published in books: Tokyo Compression, Hong Kong Inside Outside, A Series of Unfortunate Events to mention a few.

    Bottrop-Ebel 76 is quite a different story. As a student Michael Wolf has photographed the series in 1976 in the small coal-mining village in the Ruhr-District, Germany and submitted it for the exam to his teacher Otto Steinert at the Folkwangschule in Essen - at that time as a classical social documentation sorted by categories such as ›building types‹, ›working population‹, ›youngsters‹ or ›festivities and associations‹. Now with the distance of more than 35 years the work has been looked through carefully again and put together for the book in a much more free manner.

    This book is a magnificent study about the typical Ruhr District milieu at times of the already starting structural change. But at the same time and more than that it is an epic about life itself which makes comprehensible how people of different generations - alone and in community - struggle, worry and care. (+)

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