1. varietas:

    Edward Steichen: Lilac Budes, 1906


  2. rumikokoyanagi:

    Photo Janette Beckman

    Hoyo Maravilla Gang Girls, East La, 1983

    (Source: jazzinphoto.wordpress.com)


  3. mimbeau:

    Brasserie at Montparnasse

    Paris 1970

    Edouard Boubat



  5. mpdrolet:

    Sisters #017, Prague, 1989

    Stéphane Coutelle


  6. gacougnol:

    Hannes Kilian
    Cat Nero in the Snow



  8. fewthistle:

    Sulpher Bath. Big Sur. 1949.

    Photographer: Ellen Auerbach



  10. artruby:

    Hiroshi Sugimoto, Lightning Fields, (2008). 


  11. odditiesoflife:

    A Leap of Death

    Buffalo Courier Press photographer I. Russell Sorgi did a little impromptu ambulance chasing on his way back from another job. He wound up snapping photos of a woman standing on a ledge at the Geneese Hotel as she waved goodbye and started her fall to her death. He quickly reloaded his camera and caught the last second of her life, 15 feet above the cold sidewalk below. Her name was Mary Miller. There is something about seeing her frozen here in the middle of her last, irreversible action, a moment before her death, that is truly haunting.

    On a creepy side note, this photograph was used in a psychological study and it was found that 96% of the people given the photo didn’t even notice her body caught mid-fall in the middle of the picture on their first examination of the shot. Did you?

    (Source: bloodygoodhorror.com, via odditiesoflife)



  13. twoism13:

    Three Pretty Maiko | 1961

    “Three pretty maiko (apprentice geisha) turn their backs to camera to reveal exquisite obi sashes – their trademark. Teenagers now, when they mature into geisha their sashes will be folded in back and wigs will cover their own hair.”


  14. atavus:

    René Magritte - The Lovers, 1928


  15. dulltooldimbulb:

    Ghost Tintype  Collection Jim Linderman HERE on DTDB