2. de-salva:

    From the book MONTAGNE DES PHOTOGRAPHES / Élisabeth Foch (Paris, 1989.)

    Photo by Georges Tairraz (1932.)


  3. cavetocanvas:

    E.O. Hoppé, Half Dome and the Sierra Nevada from Glacier Point, Yosemite, California, 1926


  4. cavetocanvas:

    E.O. Hoppé, Hubert Stowitts, Inca Dance, 1922 


  5. cavetocanvas:

    E.O. Hoppé, Dancing Girl, Bali, 1930


  6. myheartwas-stolen:

    Sleeping woman. Subway studies

    Stanley Kubrick


  7. regardintemporel:

    Tom Millea - Nu Voilé


  8. greeneyes55:

    New York 1944

    Photo: Fred Stein 


  9. likeafieldmouse:

    Pat Brassington - Cumulus Analysis (1986-7)

    "The collected images in Cumulus Analysis recall the effect of dread and the artist’s interest in the instability of the image.

    When the senses, especially touch and sight, are heightened by anxiety, apparently simple images can become nightmarish. A witty and evocative dialogue between images of sight and blindness, water and air, fish and human form.”


  10. timelightbox:

    Robert Capa—International Center of Photography/Magnum Photos

    Pablo Picasso playing in the water with his son Claude, Vallauris, France, 1948.

    Robert Capa’s Unpublished Color Photographs Debut at the International Center of Photography this month. Preview the work on LightBox.


  11. mimbeau:

    Paris circa 1950

    Willy Ronis


  12. untrustyou:

    Laura Pannack - Young Love


  13. yomisantropo:



  14. yama-bato:

    Paul Manfred

    Wäsche im Hinterhof, 1973 | © Manfred Paul



  15. chagalov:

    William S. BurroughsSelf-Portrait III. Tangier, 1964

    Exhibition and Book:
    Taking Shots: The Photography of William S. Burroughs
    The Photographer’s Gallery (London, 17 Jan. - 30 March, 2014)

    from (and more) : L’Oeil de la Photographie