1. mpdrolet:

    Georgia O’Keefe sketching in Glen Canyon, 1961

    Todd Webb


  2. burnedshoes:

    © Werner Bischof, 1952, 'Train La Rafale', Indochina

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  3. fewthistle:

    Wollman Rink, Central Park. New York City. 1954.

    Photographer: Edward Pfizenmaier


  4. 20th-century-man:

    Photo by Dr. Paul Wolff, Bay of Naples, Italy, 1930’s.


  5. poboh:

    Flatiron Building, Twighlight, New York, ca. 1915, Karl Struss.


  6. birdsong217:

    Constant Puyo, Montmartre, c.1906. Bromoil print.

    Metropolitan Museum of Art. 


  7. foxesinbreeches:

    From the series Back Yard by Daisuke Yokota, 2011


  8. afro-life:

    Crown Princess (later Empress) Menen Asfaw of Ethiopia.
    Photograph taken sometime around 1920.


  9. greeneyes55:

    Quai d’Orsay Paris 1926 

    Photo: André Kertész


  10. Tomislav Peternek
    Pobednička trka  (The winning race),  Belgrade, 1960

    (Source: tytusjaneta)


  11. 3wings:

    Hateruma-jima, Okinawa, 1971

    Shomei Tomatsu


  12. chagalov:

    René Burri, Nicosia (Cyprus) 1959
    Woman waiting for the release of her son from prison, political prisoners are granted amnesty.


  13. 3wings:

    Vinales, 2006

    Raul Canibano


  14. arpeggia:

    Eikoh Hosoe - Kamaitachi, ca. 1965-1968

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  15. liquidnight:

    Margaret Bourke-White

    Playing Near a Bridge

    University of Michigan, 1922-1924

    From Margaret Bourke-White: The Early Work, 1922-1930